CyberDome America LLC considers $7.6 Million investment in Jeffersonville IN


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CyberDome America LLC considers $7.6 Million investment in Jeffersonville IN

Cutting-edge programs could provide practical training, certifications, and cyber security solutions

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN – In yet another example of Southern Indiana’s rapidly growing status as a technology hub, CyberDome America LLC announced it is considering an investment of $7.6 million in Jeffersonville.   The company’s planned location at 1804-1806 East Tenth Street in Jeffersonville will serve as the main campus for a cybersecurity technology training academy, offering hands-on programs certified by established universities in this space. The proposed project plans to employ nearly 400 people that would also provide ‘security-as-a-service’ to regional industry.
Focused on filling a part of the gap of almost 3 million cybersecurity workers needed by US industry, CyberDome America will provide robust, hands-on skills in cybersecurity and digital technologies.  As the region continues to become a manufacturing powerhouse, demand for trained professionals who can set the pace in advanced cybersecurity, smart manufacturing, personalized healthcare devices, supply chain management and other technologies will only increase.  CyberDome America has positioned itself to provide those skills and train the next generation of digital professionals.
“The Southern Indiana region was at the forefront of traditional 20th century manufacturing and is now poised for digital transformation to 21st century enterprises,” said author and CyberDome America founder and CEO Suresh Sharma.  “Unfortunately, the curriculum in our schools and colleges is largely still academic.  Even our trade schools and community colleges are beginning to evolve to respond to this huge gap in workforce. It is important to recognize that a digital world needs cybersecurity to protect itself from hackers. New competencies in digital technologies are essential for 21st century industries. These will create a new wave of higher paying jobs too, especially in the area of cybersecurity.”

“CyberDome America is a welcome addition to the growing array of companies choosing Jeffersonville to locate or expand,” said Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore.  “This company’s decision to invest in an existing building on 10th Street shows that all parts of the City are benefiting from our work in creating the ideal business climate for the 21st century.  CyberDome America will greatly enhance our region’s technological capabilities and workforce, and we are excited about their growth potential.”  

Pending approval of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) board of directors, the IEDC will commit an investment in CyberDome America LLC of up to $5 million in the form of conditional tax credits based on the company’s job creation plans.

“Indiana continues to be laser-focused on making our state the best place for businesses like CyberDome America to launch and grow,” said Ann Lathrop, IEDC executive vice president of global investment. “Not only will the jobs they bring pay above the average Clark County wage, but the professionals they train will help other businesses across the state become more secure. These are the types of investments the state is working to secure as we build our economy of the future.”

Wendy Dant Chesser, president and CEO of One Southern Indiana, concurred.  “As automation and digital technology continue to drive the manufacturing boom across our region, cybersecurity has become a leading priority.  CyberDome America is a welcome addition to our portfolio of technology companies, and a leap forward in helping all our businesses prepare for an increasingly digital future.”  


The company provides end-to-end cybersecurity solutions including workforce development for the 21st century. CyberDome’s hands-on programs create vocationally trained people that are essential to safely operate your business in a digital world. CyberDome also provides around the clock ‘cybersecurity-as-a-service’ for the specific needs of small-medium-enterprises (SMEs), healthcare, critical public infrastructure and utilities, local government and municipalities, as well as the food and beverage industries.  For more, visit


One Southern Indiana was formed in July of 2006 as the economic development organization and chamber of commerce serving Clark and Floyd counties. 1si’s mission is to provide the connections, resources and services that help businesses innovate and thrive in the Southern Indiana / Louisville metro area.  For more, visit



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