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A place where the ground floor has no ceiling.

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The best place for business you’ve never seen.

Doing business is all about making connections – connections to current and potential customers, ideas, and resources. From Indianapolis down to Frankfort, One Southern Indiana (1si) is the connector for businesses throughout the region. We are committed to providing growth strategies, resources, services and solutions that help businesses expand throughout the Louisville, Ky. and Southern Indiana metro areas and succeed in today’s global economy.

1si is more than just an economic development organization and chamber of commerce for Clark and Floyd Counties, Indiana. We are a regional partner in your success.

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The history of Southern Indiana is synonymous with George Rogers Clark and the spirit of adventure and discovery that he personified. That spirit remains a part of the fiber of Floyd and Clark counties. Our location on the banks of the Ohio River gives businesses access to multiple major markets, and the transport infrastructure to make our location an invaluable asset.

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