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We Roll up Our Sleeves so Everyone Else Can.

Economic development is not just about investing, making a return, improving wages and growing a region’s tax base. Economic development is about changing lives, improving communities and making an impact that lasts from generation to generation. So let’s get to work.

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Whether you are leasing, buying or building, Southern Indiana has the perfect spot for your new or expanding business.

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Roads, Rails, Runways and Rivers – the Four “R”s  allowing Southern Indiana companies to move people, products, materials, and services, quickly and inexpensively.

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Major Employers

Every employer is important, because creating jobs is one of the greatest endeavors there are. Here’s a list of our area’s biggest employers. Let’s add to it.

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Taxes & Incentives

Discover the local and state incentives to get your business up and running faster and keep it running longer.

Taxes & Incentives
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Meet the investors who help us build one of the most successful economic development track records in the Midwest.