One Southern Indiana Announces Webpage to Assist Office of the Governor

Clark and Floyd County Citizens Encouraged to Apply for a Gubernatorial Appointed Boards

New Albany, Ind. – (December 10, 2020) – One Southern Indiana (1si), the chamber of commerce and economic development organization for Clark and Floyd counties, announced today the launch of a webpage which will allow all citizens of those two Southern Indiana counties to apply for open positions on state boards and commission. The website,, was created in consultation with the Office of the Governor as a way to geographically diversify the approximately 230 boards and commissions in the state of Indiana.

During a 1si member luncheon with the Indiana Governor in September, Governor Holcomb encouraged President and CEO Wendy Dant Chesser to provide his office with qualified and viable candidates residing or working in Clark and Floyd counties for consideration on gubernatorially appointed state boards, commissions, committees, councils and task forces.

The organization responded, and after discussions with the governor’s staff, volunteered to act as an information hub and intermediary between interested Southern Indiana citizens and the Office of the Governor. The organization will collect resumes and required forms from interested citizens as well as provide Southern Indiana residents with a list of openings from the Governor’s office.

Michael Nossett, deputy general counsel for Governor Eric Holcomb said, “On behalf of the Governor, we are grateful for and excited about 1si’s efforts to help Hoosiers in Clark and Floyd counties learn more about engaging in public service with the state’s boards and commissions.  We look forward to connecting with those willing to be considered.”

The webpage,, contains the state form, which is also available via email from  This form is the single intake document used by the governor’s office for serving on a state board or commission. Those interested must also submit his or her professional resume. Due to the nature of disclosures required, both documents will be kept strictly private. Clark and Floyd county citizens may request their name be put forth for consideration for as few as one and as many as five positions.

A confidential database of interested individuals will be kept by the 1si communications department and be transferred to the office of the governor at least four times annually. Should a request come from the governor’s office for recommendations to fill an immediate opening, 1si will transfer the name and information of every person who has expressed an interest serving that capacity.

Chesser said, “We are happy to provide this service both to the citizens of Southern Indiana and the governor’s office.  It is a great opportunity for those who live in our communities to help 1si carry the message of Southern Indiana to Indianapolis while also providing an opportunity to serve our state. I anticipate there will be a lot of traffic on the webpage as we welcome all citizens, 18 or older, to volunteer for a position that suits their interest and talent.”

Individuals do not need to be associated with 1si, or a member of 1si, in order to submit or be considered. In addition, every Clark and Floyd County citizen who has submitted the required paperwork, regardless of age, race, gender, orientation, disability, nation of origin, or religious or political affiliation, will be presented to the Office of the Governor, which is completely responsible for the final decision.

About One Southern Indiana:

One Southern Indiana (1si) was formed in July of 2006 as the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development organization serving Clark and Floyd Counties. 1si’s mission is to provide the connections, resources and services that help businesses innovate and thrive in the Southern Indiana/Louisville metro area. 

Since its inception, the organization has evolved to include a three-prong approach to serve its members and investors.  Business Resources, as the chamber side of the organization, encompasses membership, signature events and programs which support and encourage business growth; Economic Development works to grow the regional economy through the attraction of new commerce and assists with retention and expansion of existing businesses; Advocacy supports businesses at the government level by engaging in initiatives to preserve, protect and promote a business friendly environment free of obstacles to growth and development of commerce. 



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