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Welcome to the 1si Advocacy Update!  Every Wednesday while the General Assembly is in session, you will receive an update of 1si’s advocacy efforts. If you missed any of our previous updates from this session, please click here 

Bills are still slowly starting to move since crossover. Therefore, today’s update will provide information on how you could potentially become more involved in advocating at the state level. But first, we wanted to highlight some research on the trends of the future demographics in the workforce.  

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce and the Indiana Chamber Executive Association hosted the Chamber Day Dinner Event on March 14. 1si’s Advocacy Leadership Team attended both events and connected with our local legislators.  

The Chamber Dinner featured Dr. James H. Johnson Jr. with the University of North Carolina as the keynote speaker. Dr. Johnson is a highly distinguished professor of strategy and entrepreneurship in the Kenan-Flagler Business School and director of the Urban Investment Strategies Center. He spoke of his research on community and economic development, the effects of demographic changes on the U.S. workplace, interethnic minority conflict in advanced industrial societies, poverty and public policy in urban America and workforce diversity issues.  

Access Dr. Johnson’s research at this link. There are several key points upon which our businesses and communities should focus in order to prosper.  First, the human race is not growing fast enough to replace our current workforce. In fact, the death count surpassed the birth rate in 2016 for the first time in U.S. history. Second, our population is browning and greying. As a society, we must be more inclusive in attracting talent as mixed and nonwhite races continue to increase and the white demographic is declining.  Also, the fastest growing population is the 65+ population (greying) which means businesses and communities should find ways to keep this population active.  Marketing efforts should include diversity to retain and attract talent. Finally, childcare will remain a high priority but the need for eldercare is increasing. Many working individuals are facing an invisible overtime where they are working at home taking care of their children, or their parents, or both.  

Can you advocate for your industry at the state level? The list provided are opportunities to join a position on an Indiana Board or Commission. Some of these work groups have websites describing the roles, while others are referenced in state statute only. Specific details, such as time requirements for service, meeting locations, etc. will vary, but all work groups typically require a commitment to attending at least 75 percent of the meetings. 

Those who submit for consideration must understand a vacancy on a desired group may not become available immediately. Many of the appointments are made in June but the State allows submittals to be made throughout the year.  

Please contact Reny Keener via email at  Interested individuals can send a resume as well as the name of the board/commission that you would like to join (up to 5).  1si will send a recommendation letter to the Governor’s Office. After the letter is submitted, the Governor’s staff will be in touch directly with each individual if they are interested in appointing the individual to the board/commission.  

We will keep you updated on our actions related to the 2023 Indiana Legislative Session, but for more information on our Advocacy Agenda, please visit   

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