Advocacy Update | 02.29.24


The 2024 Legislative Session has been moving! Here are some upcoming deadlines to keep in mind as the session moves forward. This year’s session seems set to conclude by the March 14, 2024, deadline.

  • Monday, March 4th – Last Day for 3rd reading of Senate bills in House
  • Tuesday, March 5th – Last day for Senate adoption of conference committee reports without Rules Committee approval
  • Tuesday, March 5th – Last day for 3rd reading of House bills in the Senate
  • Thursday, March 14th – Last day for adjournment of both houses

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As a reminder, this year’s Call to Action continues the conversation with talent attraction and retention, focusing mainly on housing development, availability and affordability of childcare and eldercare, incumbent worker training options, employability of people with disabilities, and eliminating worker shortages.

New this Week:

Significant movement on HB-1183 (Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land) has caused concern. The amendments made are not favorable to economic development projects. The final version of the bill would prohibit individuals or a company that is majority owned by foreign individuals from purchasing land that has been used as farm, timber or pasture land in the last five years and also prohibits the purchase of any land that is within 50 miles of a military base or 10 miles of a national guard armory or maintenance facility.

With the second reading scheduled for today, we anticipate having some major updates to discuss at our next leadership meeting and will continue to keep you updated on this bill’s progress.

Bills 1si is Monitoring:

  • HB-1121 – Local Income Taxes
    • Passed the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee on 2/27/2024.
    • Scheduled for second reading on 2/29/2024.
  • HB-1183 – Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land
    • Passed the Agriculture Committee on 2/27/2024.
    • Scheduled for second reading on 2/29/2024.
  • HB-1199 – Repeal of Economic Enhancement District Law
    • Amendment #1 and the second reading occurred on 2/27/2024.
    • Third reading scheduled for 2/29/2204.
  • SB-61 – Tourism Improvement District
    • No movement since 2/21/2024
  • SB-295 – Indiana Economic Development Corporation
    • No major updates.

Current List of Bills 1si Supports or Opposes:


  • SB-2 – Child care
    • Bill is on second reading, scheduled for 2/29/2024.


  • The one bill that 1si opposes, HB-1157 – Non-Disclosure Agreements in Economic Development, has been labeled as “inactive.”

We’ll keep you updated, but if you’d like more information on our 2024 Advocacy Agenda, or to download a copy of it, please visit or download your PDF copy here.

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