Advocacy Update | 02.07.24


It’s week five of the Indiana General Assembly, and we’re almost to the halfway point of the 2024 session! Here are some upcoming deadlines to keep in mind as the session moves forward.

  • Tuesday, February 27 – Last day for House adoption of conference committee reports without Rules Committee approval.

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As a reminder, this year’s Call to Action continues the conversation with talent attraction and retention, focusing mainly on housing development, availability and affordability of childcare and eldercare, incumbent worker training options, employability of people with disabilities, and eliminating worker shortages.

New this Week:

This week, the 1si Advocacy Leadership team focused on and discussed the bills that we are currently monitoring to see if there has been any progress or updates that need to be acted upon. The team also continued the conversation around SB-61, Tourism Improvement District, that Chair Jim Epperson originally was going to testify on behalf of 1si.

Any bill that did not receive a hearing or got voted out of a committee last week is now dead for the year, as the deadlines for both the House and Senate were last week. Bills have been heard on the House and Senate floors, and 1si continues to monitor the bills on our lists below.

Bills 1si is Monitoring:

  • HB-1183 – Foreign Ownership of Agricultural Land
    • Referred to Senate on 2/2/2024.
  • HB-1199 – Repeal of Economic Enhancement District Law
    • Referred to Senate on 1/31/2024.
  • HB-1368 – Riverfront Economic Development Tax Area
    • Has been with Local Government (House) since 1/10/2024. Labeled as “Inactive.”
  • SB-155 – Compensation for Business Losses
    • Has been with Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee since 1/18/2024. Labeled as “Inactive.”
  • SB-295 – Indiana Economic Development Corporation
    • Referred to the House on 2/2/2024.

Current List of Bills 1si Supports or Opposes:


  • SB-61 & HB-1345 – Tourism Improvement District
    • SB-61 – The third reading passed on 2/2/2024 and has been sponsored by Rep. Baird and cosponsored by Rep. Karickhoff.
    • HB-1345 has been with the Ways and Means Committee since 1/10/2024 and is considered “inactive”.
  • SB-2 – Child care
    • The first reading was on 2/6/2024 and was referred to the Family, Children and Human Affairs Committee.
  • HB-1165 – Regulatory Sandbox Program and Right to Start Act
    • No major updates: labeled as “inactive.”


  • HB-1157 – Non-Disclosure Agreements in Economic Development
    • No major updates: labeled as “inactive.”

We’ll keep you updated, but if you’d like more information on our 2024 Advocacy Agenda, or to download a copy of it, please visit or download your PDF copy here.

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