Advocacy Update | 01.17.24


It’s week two of the Indiana General Assembly. Here are some upcoming deadlines to keep in mind as the session moves forward.  

  • Monday, January 22 – Latest day session must reconvene (IC 2-2.1-1-3)  

This week, the Advocacy Leadership team met and discussed several bills circulating in the General Assembly.  

HB-1157 – Non-Disclosure Agreements in Economic Development 

  • Provides that the Indiana economic development corporation, the state, any instrumentality of the state, or any other public authority, or any party negotiating on behalf of any of those entities, may not, after June 30, 2024, enter into an economic development agreement or contract that contains any provision, clause, or language that provides that the agreement or contract, or any of its terms, is confidential, or that the parties to the agreement or contract are prohibited from disclosing, discussing, describing, or commenting upon the terms of the agreement or contract.  
  • 1si OPPOSES this bill. 

SB-61 & HB-1345 – Tourism Improvement District 

  • (HB-1345 summary; both are similar) Provides that a person may circulate a petition to create a tourism improvement district (district) within the territory of a county, city, or town. Specifies the contents of the tourism improvement district plan that must be filed with a petition to establish a district. Excludes property that receives a homestead standard deduction from inclusion within a district. Provides that owners of real property or businesses located within a district may be charged a special assessment to fund improvements and other district activities. Provides that, after a hearing on a petition to establish a district, a county, city, or town legislative body may adopt the ordinance establishing the district only if it determines that the petition has been signed by at least 50% of the owners of real property or businesses within the district who will pay the special assessment. Specifies the contents of the ordinance establishing a district and the length of time for which a district may exist. Allows a district to issue bonds. Requires the county, city, or town legislative body to contract with a nonprofit district management association to administer and implement the district’s activities and improvements. 
  • 1si SUPPORTS these bills. 

 The following bills were discussed, but no stance has been taken at the time of this update’s release.  

  • HB-1199 – Repeal of Economic Enhancement District Law 
  • HB-1165 – Regulatory Sandbox Program and Right to Start Act 

 There is also a plethora of childcare-related bills that 1si is monitoring as well.  

You can find a copy of the 1si 2024 Advocacy Agenda by visiting or download a PDF copy here 

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