1si Advocacy Update | 03.01.2022

The Indiana General Assembly is coming to the end of its short session. Some important deadlines are facing our legislators this week. The Senate must pass Bills no later than today, March 1. The House deadline was yesterday.  Due to the short session, Conference Committees start this week and must conclude for final adjournment no later than Monday, March 14.

Bills that passed both chambers without amendments go straight to the governor for consideration. However, Bills that were amended in the other chamber will return to their chamber of origin. Bill authors have the option to concur or approve, the amended bill, which would then move to the governor’s desk following an affirmative vote from the chamber of origin. Bill authors also have the option to dissent, or disagree, which sends the Bill to a conference committee. The agreed-upon Bill will then be subject to a final vote in each chamber before going to the governor for consideration.

The 1si Leadership Team continues to review those Bills that are being heard and are consistent with 1si’s 2022 Advocacy Agenda.

Live Bills that 1si Leadership have taken position on:

  • HB1094 – includes a business will provide adequate employer liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage for students enrolled in a work-based learning course.
    • Passed House 88-0.
    • Passed Senate 49-0 with amendments.
    • Headed to Conference Committee.
  • SB264 – establishes the Administrative Rules Review Taskforce to oversee state agencies that create fees. This Bill is authored by Senator Garten and co-authored by Senator Houchin and Senator Boehnlein.
    • Passed Senate 49-0.
    • Passed House 90-1 without amendments.
    • Senator Garten expressed that this would go to a Summer Study Taskforce or Committee.
  • SB408 – amends the statute authorizing a bank or trust company to make investments in community-based economic development projects.
    • Passed Senate 46-0.
    • Passed House 93-1 without amendments.
    • Headed to Governor’s desk.
  • SB390 – phases out food and beverage taxes.
    • Passed Senate 37-12.
    • Died in House Ways and Means Committee.
    • Language is being added into another bill – HB1002.

Other live Bills we are currently monitoring:

  • HB1002 – the Senate has made several amendments that have fundamentally changed the Bill. It will move to a Conference Committee if it passes the Senate by March 1.
    • Passed House with language that would reduce taxes with 68-25.
    • Senate has stripped this bill and added language from SB390 with Food and Beverage Tax.
    • Must be passed by March 1 and if passed will head to a Conference Committee.
  • SB5 – establishes a procedure to grant licenses and certificates to practice certain health care professions in Indiana.
    • Passed Senate 47-0.
    • Passed House 89-0, returned to Senate with amendments.
    • Senate will have a chance to accept amendments or send it to a Conference Committee.
  • SB290 – establishes a career coaching pilot program for high schools who wish to participate, will award grants to school corporations to establish the career coaching program.
    • Passed Senate 48-0.
    • Passed House 82-0 with amendments.
    • Senate will have a chance to accept amendments or send it to a Conference Committee.
  • SB245 – establishes a Statewide Sports and Tourism Bid Fund.
    • Passed Senate 46-0.
    • Passed House 86-6 with amendments.
    • Senate accepted House amendments 47-0.
    • Headed to Governor’s Office.

We will keep you updated on our actions related to the 2022 Indiana Legislative Session, but for more information on our Advocacy Agenda, please visit www.1si.org/advocacy.

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