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Midwestern SaaS Startup Vsimple Closes Fundraising Round Amidst Growing Traction

The company is finding success in an overlooked sector of industry


NEW ALBANY, IN — Jan 4, 2022 — Workflow efficiency software provider Vsimple announced today it has closed a fundraising round led by Airwing Ventures. Its eponymous platform was built to prepare distributors, dealers and manufacturers—industry segments often ignored by technology companies—for the future of work.

Focusing on the underserved market was a conscious decision, says Vsimple Co-Founder and CEO Buddy Bockweg. “Our team has collectively spent decades in the industry, so we feel uniquely positioned to help our customers in a meaningful way.”

With the additional funding, Bockweg and team will continue developing new features for its platform as well as increase its efforts to connect with industry professionals. “We were impressed with Vsimple’s workflow platform and the demonstrable ROI customers are reporting; there is real product market fit,” said Dan Beldy, Partner at Airwing Ventures. “Partnering with organizations to understand their specific industry needs and delivering a solutions-oriented service is the hallmark of all successful SaaS companies.” Airwing was joined in the fundraising round by Render Capital, Elevate Ventures and several others.

Vsimple’s software pulls all of the workflow that happens in an organization—order and quote management, documentation, stage gate approvals, communication and collaboration, data reviews—into one digital place. Bockweg claims the solution isn’t a replacement for Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platforms, but a revolution of the way work traditionally gets done. “Bouncing between emails, spreadsheets, phone calls and shared drives is normal in a lot of environments,” Bockweg notes. “This can really inhibit high growth companies, especially if they aren’t able or willing to hire more and more people to manage the chaos.”

On top of streamlined communication, document storage and project management, the platform delivers insights and data which can be hard to extract from emails, spreadsheets and shared drives. Beyond the core tenants of the platform, Bockweg says the secret to their success so far has been their hands-on style of engagement. “We sit with teams and help map their processes and procedures—current and ideal—before we ever get into implementation,” he explains. “We then spend time onsite during and after implementation, putting a heavy emphasis on training and support. It’s all about delivering results for our customers.”

The results being reported by customers have been staggering. ProLift Toyota Material Handling, an eight-location forklift dealer with hundreds of employees, has been using the platform for several months and has increased its total number of users by more than 10x since initial implementation. Customers have also reported organization-wide email traffic reduction of more than 55%, 2x faster order processing time and overall operational efficiency gains of more than 30%. “Vsimple is quickly staking their claim as a leading software solution for manufacturers and distributors with their easy-to-use platform and process,” said Patrick Henshaw, Managing Director of Render Capital. “We’re delighted to play a role in the growth of such an innovative local startup and we believe the future is bright for Vsimple’s team, product, and customers.”

With early traction and an infusion of capital, the company expects to post triple digit growth over the next 12 months with a combination of existing customer growth and new client onboarding. “We’re encouraged by what we’ve seen this year, but nowhere near a point of satisfaction,” Bockweg says. “Our mission is to build something of tremendous value for our customers and our community.”

About Vsimple

We’re quick to acknowledge Vsimple is not a typical software company. And we fully embrace that. Most of our team’s prior experience comes from within the industries we now serve:  companies that move and make things. Building software is only part of the equation. The most important part is the willingness to go deep with customers. Understand who they are, what they worry about, and how we can help them, not just sell to them. And that’s what we’re about—people helping people. At Vsimple, it’s our mission to deliver the future of work, today.

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