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Impact100 Louisville 2022 Annual Grant Awards

Impact100 Louisville 2022 Annual Grant Awards
Local nonprofit organizations receive $450,000 

 Louisville, KY — On November 3, 2022, the Louisville chapter of Impact100 granted 7 local nonprofit organizations grants totaling $450,000. Impact100 Louisville voted on Thursday night during their first in-person event to award grants to these nonprofits:

$100,000 – Educational Justice

$100,000 – The Louisville Leopard Percussionists

$100,000 – Hildegard House

$100,000 – Smoketown Family Wellness Center

$16,666 – Uniting Partners for Women and Children

$16,666 – Blackacre Conservancy

$16,000 – I Would Rather Be Reading

The Impact100 membership model is unique but effective. At least 100 women, donate $1,000 to create a $100,000 impact grant. Each member was able to hear a 3-minute presentation from each of the nonprofits. After the presentations, members use their electronic devices to vote on their top 4 nonprofit organizations. An independent CPA firm collected and tallied the votes to decide the grant recipients. These grants were awarded in five focus areas: Arts and Culture; Education; Environment, Recreation, or Preservation; Family; and Health and Wellness.

The Louisville Leopard Percussionists: Suite of Instruments
Arts and Culture
With the suite of instruments funded by this grant, we can double the number of children we serve each year and introduce a new academic program, Leopard Learners.  

 Educational Justice: Mentors to Bridge the Gap of Educational Equity
The Educational Justice Advocate Program provides free tutoring to under-resourced youth and engages high-achieving high school students as tutors and mentors to bridge the gap of educational inequity.

 I Would Rather Be Reading: Mindful Literacy Expansion
With Mindful Literacy, a standards-aligned curriculum for literacy and social-emotional learning, students gain confidence and improve their attendance, academics, and graduation rates.

 Blackacre Conservancy: Restroom Expansion and Sunset Trail Improvements
Environmental, Preservation, or Recreation
The installation of restroom facilities and improvement of the Sunset Trail will make Blackacre more accessible for the Louisville community to enjoy.

 Smoketown Family Wellness Center: Hiring a Community Healthcare Worker
Community healthcare workers improve health beyond a doctor’s visit, building trust and connecting families to resources.

Hildegard House: Expansion Project
Health and Wellness
A meaningful life and a peaceful, dignified death for at least 68 more people per year.

Uniting Partners for Women and Children: Staffing Development and Hiring Development Director
Health and Wellness
Increased staffing will provide additional programming support, and an increased donor base will secure the organization’s future.

For more information or to speak with a member of the Impact100 Louisville board please contact or visit

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