Financial Assistance Available for Duke Energy Customers in Indiana

If you or someone you know is having trouble paying utility expenses, there are many programs available to help.


Assistance agencies in your area may be able to help make payments to cover some or all of your past-due utility bill balance. To learn about agencies that serve your area, please dial 211, visit or text your ZIP code to 898211. This free service helps connect customers to local community agencies supplying aid for a wide range of needs, including help with energy bills. These agencies often administer both state and federal funds or know of state agencies that are overseeing related state-approved funds.

Energy Assistance Program (EAP)

This income-based assistance program allows those earning below certain income thresholds to qualify for federal energy bill assistance. The qualifying income thresholds are based on factors that include household income and the number of people living in your home.

To learn how to qualify and apply for EAP funds, call 317.232.7777 or visit

Share the Light Fund®

Share the Light Fund brings together customers and communities to help individuals and families struggling to pay their energy bills. Duke Energy works with agencies to distribute funds to qualifying customers in order to pay energy bills, deposits, and reconnection/connection charges.

Find your local agency and learn more at

Budget Billing

Favored by customers who like to know what to expect each month, Duke Energy’s Budget Billing program allows you to pay one predictable monthly amount to help provide better control over your budget. Your monthly Budget Billing amount is based on the average of your actual bills over the last 12 months and is periodically reviewed and adjusted.

To learn more or sign up online, visit

Pick Your Due Date

With Duke Energy’s Pick Your Due Date option, you can choose the date you want your energy bill to be due each month. For even more control over your energy bills, combine Pick Your Due Date together with Budget Billing.

Learn more about Pick Your Due Date at

Installment Plans

Installment plans give you more flexibility to pay back a past-due balance over a longer period of time. Helpful options are available for you to request a few extra days or to restructure your entire past-due balance into a monthly payment plan.

To learn more, visit or call customer service at 800.521.2232.

Due Date Extension

If you know ahead of time that you will miss your due date, this payment option may be for you. Extend your payment due date by up to 10 business days to avoid late fees. Learn more at

Usage and Budget Alerts

Take control of your electricity use and monthly budget with Usage Alerts. By having a smart meter and an email address on file, you’ll automatically be enrolled to receive a notification showing how much electricity you’re using and how much it may cost, in time to adjust.

You also have the option to set up Budget Alerts to help keep your bill in check. Get informed when your bill is expected to reach a specific dollar amount you choose, allowing you to course-correct and cut back on your usage if you wish. Set up your Budget Alerts by clicking the Manage My Usage Alerts button in your Mid-cycle Alert. Learn more at

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