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Southern Indiana has a wide range of employers. Many are nationally known companies that have grown to prominence from their start-up here and maintain their headquarters in the region. A great many are national companies that have a major presence in our region.

Products vary from barge construction to heavy truck assembly, from large home appliances to kitchen cabinets and from electronic components to specialty chemical catalysts. Our workforce is well-trained with a strong work ethic and supported by our excellent education system for all age levels and needs.

Labor Market Review
Indiana Region Ten In Depth Numbers

Employment Workforce

Clark and Floyd Counties are part of a seven-county Southern Indiana region that comprises Regional Ten of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. However, the Southern Indiana labor shed also includes Metro Louisville and the 13 counties that make up the MSA.  Twelve of these counties are made up of small communities with traditional agrarian roots. As a result, the labor force adheres to traditional values and outstanding work ethics.

These labor force characteristics offer employers a real competitive advantage as wage rates are generally lower than other regions of the country, as well as those in the metropolitan area of Louisville. These rates still allow for a high quality of life for our workers as the cost of living in the region is proportionately less.

Southern Indiana is the home of many progressive businesses seeking the values, attitudes and work ethic that are found here. A well-educated workforce with a “get to work on time” attitude is easy to recruit.

Did You Know?

  • With an estimated 15,548 Indiana residents working in the medical technology field, a study conducted by Advanced Medical Technology Association places Indiana among the top 10 states in the nation for number of workers in the medical technology field, wages and new jobs created to support the industry, ranking the state eighth in terms of actual employment and fifth in terms of the field’s share of the state’s overall employment, at 1.9 percent.
  • Indiana is also ranked second in the nation for the number of jobs created to support the medical technology industry. An estimated 63,300 Indiana residents are employed as a direct result of the industry, the study said.
  • Key Southern Indiana advanced medical manufacturers include MedVenture (minimally invasive devices, 200 employees), Kelley Dental Laboratory (dental appliance manufacturer, 35 employees), and TechSHOT (medical engineering product development, 35 employees).