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Insurance Under ONE

Insurance Based on Needs – Not Size

One Southern Indiana has partnered with SIHO Insurance Services to offer endorsed fully insured health plans to members of One Southern Indiana. SIHO, One Southern Indiana and the local health care delivery systems have worked together to design a product that is aligned to unique networks which offer access and cost savings.

PPO Options

  • Individual deductibles range from $2,000 – $7,000
  • 20% coinsurance
  • Competitive copays for office visits
  • Two RX copay structures

HSA Plans

  • Individual deductibles at $2,700 or $3,300
  • 20% coinsurance

Our plan also features

  • Wellness program
  • Telemedicine
  • Simplified Diabetes Manager

One Southern Indiana and SIHO have worked with local healthcare systems to come up with a combined network to best serve your organization – the SIHO Norton/Clark & Baptist Network.

These plans are available to all 1si members in good standing that:

  • Are domiciled in the the State of Indiana
  • Have two or more employees

If you are a member of one of our partnering chambers, not only may you join 1si at the associate rate of $189, but you will also be eligible for Insurance Under ONE, once you do.


For more information, check out the brochure or visit SIHO Insurance Services.

Interested in the 1si Ancillary Insurance Opportunities? Check them out below.


Delta Dental

Delta Dental

  • Nation’s largest network and most recognized dental company in United States
  • Access to two Networks PPO and Premier -80% of dentists within Indiana and Kentucky
  • Custom plan designs for 1si – these products are not offered to groups under 100 lives
  • Overall Wellness component increased members’ cleanings from standard two to four per year

Click here to download the Delta Dental PPO (Point-of-Service) Advantage Plan.

Click here to download a Delta Dental Benefit Highlights.

Click here to download a Delta Dental Benefit Options form.




  • Right mix of thousands of independent providers, top optical retailers and online options—over 80 in the Kentuckiana region alone
  • Industry-leading 40 percent off additional pairs of glasses at participating in-network providers
  • Easy to use benefits with no claim forms for in-network services
  • Employer Paid or Voluntary

Click here to download an EyeMed Member Tools flyer.

Click here to download an EyeMd Q&A informational flyer.

ONEAmerica Life and Long-/Short-Term Disaiblity


  • Employer Paid: Options $10,000 to $50,000 with guaranteed issue (no medical underwriting)
  • Voluntary: Employees can purchase additional life insurance for themselves, spouse and children
  • Guarantee Issue (no medical underwriting)

Short-Term Disability

  • Employer Paid or Voluntary
  • Benefits begin after the 7-day due to      accident or sickness; includes pregnancy
  • 90-day benefit duration

Long-Term Disability

  • Employer Paid or Voluntary
  • 90-day elimination period
  • 60% of salary up to $5,000 per month

Lump-Sum Disability

  • 90-day elimination period
  • Benefit paid in full if individual is expected to be out of work for two years
  • Guaranteed Issue increments of $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000

Click here for an informational flyer on OneAmerica.


Petfirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst Pet Insurance

  • One of nation’s largest pet insurance companies
  • Headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • All 1si members will receive 10% discount on pet insurance premiums
  • Online and phone enrollment
  • Pet First Program covers the following: vet exam, vaccinations, prevention (heartworm, flea), microchipping and behavior training


BMS LLC Premium Only Plan (POP)/Section 125

Premium Only Plan (POP)/Section 125

  • Employees can save 20%–40% of their payroll deductions. The savings are on city, state, and federal income taxes, including Social Security and Medicare.
  • Employers can save the matching Social Security (6.20%) and Medicare (1.45%)  taxes, which equates to 7.65% (1.45% for municipalities) of all the dollars put into the plan, a substantial savings.